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  1. Kayla Denham says:
    Date: January 5, 2016
    Sales Person: Kirk
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    All around a very positive experience. Thank you Kirk for all your help! I love my 2016 Crosstrek.

  2. Candra Grimm says:
    Date: December 26, 2015
    Sales Person: George Dyer
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    Hello Subaru of Puyallup,

    On December 12, 2015, I walked onto your lot looking for Subaru Crosstrek’s. I met George Dyer and told him what I wanted to test drive. I have done my research and had a certain price range I was looking for. After test driving the Crosstrek I had been eyeballing, the 2014 Ice Silver Metallic Premium, I realized that the model did not have some accessories like I admire my on 2001 VW Jetta. The price was right, but was not impressed with the lack of power items, features, and accessories. I then test drove the 2015 Crosstrek Limited edition and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of accessories and features. So I went home and looked up 2015 Premium Crosstrek’s and noticed the features they added that I wanted.

    After learning the potential of a 2015 Premium Crosstrek, I started the search for the exact color and hard to get moonroof with the features and accessories I wanted. I heard of some good deals in Oregon so I called the dealer down there and she offered me a good deal on a 2016 Crosstrek that was in transit with an ETA of December 26th. First of all, this was a great idea and the price was a little higher than my range, but why not for a new car?! Of course I thought of the Puyallup location and started to look on the website for new inventory. I looked up the 2016 Crosstrek in Dark Gray with a moonroof. Sure enough you guys had one in transit.

    On December 16, 2015, I contacted George and said I have a new plan (since I was looking for used at first). I asked him if someone had put their name on the 2016 Dark Gray Crosstrek yet and when it was coming in. He said no and that the ETA was December 28th. The first thing I did was put my deposit on that car and went to my credit union for a preapproval. Everything was falling into place.

    On December 23, 2015, George called me with the best news saying that my new car came onto the lot and it may be ready by Saturday the 26th. This was a huge relief because of the series of events and plans. I was trying not to get the car on a weekday (My boyfriend Stephen started working 12 day hour shifts Dec 27). The same day George called me, I was on my way home in my old car and it started dying while I was coming to a stop. My family was asking about my new car on Christmas Eve and I diverted the conversation because I had already planned a dinner with them on Saturday 26th and wanted to surprise them with my new car.

    The day came when I was able to get my new car! George took care of us right away and explained each process thoroughly. I was able to get the new car with the 7yr/100,000 mile warranty and a security system installed and activated. He even cane into the car and showed me how everything worked and set up the voice command Bluetooth with my phone. I could not be happier and look forward to this long-term relationship with Subaru of Puyallup.

  3. Annie F says:
    Date: December 19, 2015
    Sales Person: Dave Warmack
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    We had a great experience with our Subaru purchase. Dave Warmack is a very personable, knowledgeable sales man. The buying experience was indeed stress free. We had been looking for the perfect Forester within our budget and Dave helped us find the perfect one. We will be back again, as we are Subaru people for life now. I would highly recommend Subaru of Puyallup to anyone in the market for a subaru.

  4. Grace Roth says:
    Date: January 1, 2016
    Sales Person: Mac
    Locations: Puyallup WA

    Mac was very helpful. Took his time explaining the different settings. He was excited about the Forrester. He was no t pushy, but enthusiastically answered our question.

  5. Date: January 2, 2016
    Sales Person: George Mayfield
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    We purchased our second Forrester at Subaru of Puyallup on Saturday, January 2nd from George Mayfield. George always makes us feel right at home when we bring our car in for service. He makes sure we are happy with the car’s performance and asks if we have any questions. On Saturday we were in a bit of a rush because we had to get to the airport to pick up a friend. He did an excellent job of making sure all the paperwork got done as quickly as possible so we could be on our way. George makes buying a car easy and fun. He has complete knowledge of all the Subaru models and can guide us to the vehicle that best fits our needs. I wouldn’t think of buying a car from anyone but George.

  6. Lindsay Ford says:
    Date: January 5, 2016
    Sales Person: Kimberlee McPherson
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    On 1/05/16 My husband and I went into Subaru of Puyallup all stressed because our current car had just lost a motor and I need a new car… We were in instantly greeted by a very friendly and enthusiastic Kimberlee McPherson would was just awesome ! She had the personality and knowledge that earned our trust. We found the SUV of our dreams and the dealership worked everything out in their stress free environment. We drove home so happy! We already have plans to go back this year and get another car for my husband from Kimberlee of course 🙂 thank you all for making my car buying process so great!!!

  7. Date: January 13, 2016
    Sales Person: Kimberlee McPherson
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    After finding out that my 2008 Forester would need almost 4K in repairs I decided to trade the old beast in on a new beast at the same shop I’ve been doing business with for years… Subaru of Puyallup. Kimberlee McPherson was my sales consultant and she was a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

  8. Monica L says:
    Date: January 14, 2016
    Sales Person: Heather Davis
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    I just bought my new 2016 Outback Limited on Monday at Subaru in Puyallup. Heather was the sales rep I worked with and a big part of the reason I made the deal in Puyallup. I first went in to Subaru right after Christmas to look at cars, test drive and get information. I spent several hours with Heather, test drove a Forester, a Crosstrek, and Outback. I never felt rushed and I never felt pressured. I had a great experience and left the dealership with great information. I was closer to deciding which car I wanted. I did more online research and even checked out the Costco Auto Program. I looked at other dealers, offers and inventory. I decided on an Outback and found one at a different dealer with the options I wanted, the color I wanted, and a competitive deal. Subaru of Puyallup had the same Outback, similar options and price, but not the color I wanted. I called Heather and told her I’d prefer to work with her and buy from the Subaru in Puyallup. She said she would check with her service manager and they would see what they could do, possibly matching or even getting me a better price. Over the next several days Heather worked on getting me the Outback and updated the status as well as letting me know the details of the deal they could make.

    It all worked out perfectly, even the time frame. I was able to take care of all the details and get the car on a day off. I got a better deal than the price I found online and also better than the Costco program. I really enjoyed working with Heather and I’m really happy with my new Outback.

  9. James Owens says:
    Date: January 16, 2016
    Sales Person: George
    Locations: Puyallup WA

    Subaru of Puyallup worked HARD to find the exact 2016 Outback 2.5 Limited I wanted. I was particular on the color (silver),wanted black leather and Eyesight. They even got me the payment I am comfortable with. I am so satisfied with the service I received. Definitely no pressure and always STRESS FREE thanks to George and everyone else I dealt with!

  10. James Owens says:
    Date: January 16, 2016
    Sales Person: George
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    Subaru of Puyallup worked HARD to find the exact 2016 Outback 2.5 Limited I wanted. I was particular on the color (silver),wanted black leather and Eyesight. They even got me the payment I am comfortable with. I am so satisfied with the service I received. Definitely no pressure and always STRESS FREE thanks to George and everyone else I dealt with!!

  11. Date: January 17, 2016
    Sales Person: Jerry Harris
    Locations: Puyallup WA

    Jerry did a great job explaining the features of the outback. Everyone we had the pleasure to meet at Puyallup Subaru did an outstanding job. We would definitely refer your dealership.Thanks again for a great buying experience.
    Thanks Bernt and Wendy Overby

  12. cody choe says:
    Date: January 29, 2016
    Sales Person: Mac
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    I have only wonderful things to say about my time at this dealership. Our salesman was a kind and knowledgeable gentleman by the name of Mac (10/10 would recommend him). What made Mac perform above the rest was his genuine care and concern of my personal feelings. He carried himself, along with the name of Subaru of Puyallup, with the utmost professionalism and charisma. He is honest and loyal. He even checked up on my purchase months after I had bought my car. He, along with the family at subaru, has taken great care of me and my fiance. Thank you Mac and subaru of puyallup. I’ll be back for an STi soon enough.

  13. Jeff Trout says:
    Date: January 30, 2016
    Sales Person: Kimberlee McPherson
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    Went planing on buying in the summer, no pressure from the sales staff and showed us everything we wanted. Things changed and we needed to change our time line and the team came together and we got into our car within 24 hrs. Thank you all.

  14. Date: January 24, 2016
    Sales Person: George Mayfield
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    I wanted to let everyone know that buying a car at Subaru of Puyallup was the best car buying experience I have ever had and our salesperson George Mayfield was absolutely wonderful to work with. He listened to my concerns and really took the time to help me find the right vehicle. I am so happy with my new Subaru Crosstrek. I told George that I had been so stressed out about getting a new car and dealing with insurance companies. He truly helped me have a stress free and hassle free experience. Thanks to George and Subaru of Puyallup.

  15. Shannon says:
    Date: February 3, 2016
    Sales Person: Joseph Helm
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    Joey Helm was amazing!! When our car died unexpectedly we had to get a new car fast. He was patient with us and answered all our questions. He told us he wanted us to be happy with the car and took us on some test drives and explained the differences between the crosstrek and forester. He took a very stressful day and turned it around. Thank you Joey we love our new Forester!!

  16. Gerry wynne says:
    Date: February 4, 2016
    Sales Person: Jerry harris
    Locations: Puyallup WA


    Great experience purchasing car from Jerry. Love the car.I also had great service from the finance guy and I can’t remember his name.look forward to visiting lot to bring car for servicing! Thanks again.

  17. Jenni says:

    Let me stand on the roof tops to sing the praise of Subaru of Puyallup With a special shout out to Kimberlee McPherson. THEY. ARE. AWWWWESOME. “Stress Free” is so much more than a simple catch phrase. So so much more. Helpful, kind, and no hidden anything. Kimberlee McPherson found me my perfect car within my budget, definitely not the easiest of tasks, and in my favorite color to boot. Green Mini Cooper. I’m in love.

    If you are looking for a new car or a not new car, start at Subaru of Puyallup, Ask for Kimberlee, you won’t be disappointed

  18. Mandy Bryan says:

    I can not say enough good things about my experience with Subaru of Puyallup! I had been car shopping for a few weeks by the time I ended up in Puyallup & was having the WORST experiences with other dealerships, I couldn’t even keep track of how many lies I was being told & how hard it was to just get a straight answer out of any sales person at various lots UNTIL I went to see Chris Forest at Subaru of Puyallup! He was hands down the most helpful, knowledgeable and honest sales person I have ever dealt with – which made buying a new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek a relaxing & easy experience. I really enjoyed the upfront pricing and having nothing hidden from me. Chris took his time with everything from helping me pick out the right Crosstrek that had all my needs to helping me get a good rate on car insurance to beating my interest rate of the loan I was pre-qualified for through my bank!

    Upon driving home in my new car that night I kept hearing a slightly ‘whirring/howling’ noise that instantly drove me crazy. I got back in touch with Chris and he got me in with the service department that same day then sent me home in a loaner car while they looked into the noise. The next day the service department called me to say they didn’t hear the noise I was referring to – oh no! Chris then really went above & beyond and personally took my car for a test drive (per my request) and heard the noise!! He then figured out it was coming from a incorrectly installed roof rack which he fixed, boom the noise was gone!

    I am a proud owner of a 2016 Subaru and it was all because of Chris Forest, his insane customer service skills & willingness to help in anyway! Thanks for a GREAT car buying experience! :]

  19. robyn rugg says:

    Literally had the best experience here! George Mayfield is my go to guy when i need anything from Subaru. I have been in many times before and the stars were never aligned but he and i worked together and this past saturday i walked out with a 2016 Forrester! The deal was quick and painless and like no ever experience I have ever had. My last car i bough from Kia in Tacoma and spent ALL day there. I was at Subaru less than 2 hours from start to finish! They didn’t waste my time and had everything in order without rushing me in or out. They answered every question and made sure that i was set before letting me loose into the wild.

    George is THE best and i strongly encourage you to go see him with any car needs!! He really needs to be a trainer because he knows how to make the customer experience out of this world!

    I have already recommended Subaru to other people and will continue to do so! Subaru has my business for life now.

  20. Rob S. says:

    Rick W. and team gave outstanding 5+++star (Yelp:please add more stars!) service to us just last night. My wife and I decided to buy a new forester. Rick not only went above and beyond our expectations but he also made us feel like “every customer counts!” We had a rental since recently moving and he was able to send Elco (sorry if I misspelled) to pick us up all the way from Seatac! To get us into our new car the SAME DAY!

    Rick instead of going home he and the team stayed BEYOND closing hours, and despite needing to return to work early this morning after being in the office the whole day just to make sure he PERSONALLY took care of us! I’ve even been approached by other customers talking to me praising Rick and that he bought two others Subaru vehicles from him. Rick covered every detail of the vehicle including the radio! Where else can you get service like that?!

    Thank you Rick, your passion for this work shows and your team thank you for everything! Despite what others on Yelp mention we feel that great service like this goes A LONG WAY, and that is why we chose Subaru of Puyallup. Please do not change a thing! Thank you and we appreciated all measures and efforts it took to making our night!

    To all future Subaru owners, give Subaru of Puyallup a try and ask for Rick! You will not be disappointed! We were inquirers online turned customer for life! Thank you again Rick and Subaru of Puyallup for giving us a TRUE “Stress-free” buying experience!

  21. Tyler says:

    The experience i had at Subaru of Puyallup was everything i could have hoped for while purchasing my car. Joe Helm listened to everything i wanted, and gave me more than i could have asked for. I will be recommending so many of my friends to the Subaru of Puyallup for all there future car needs. Big thanks to JOE HELM employee at Subaru of Puyallup Tyler Copeland

  22. Mason says:

    Joe Helm at Subaru of Puyallup was the BEST ! He helped my husband get into our 2012 Mazda 3 , he made the experience feel like chatting with a friend. Joe went above & beyond to make the day great , we will be back !

  23. Hal & Ady says:

    Jerry Harris was great, and made our first purchase of a Subaru terrific. Our whole experience at Subaru of Puyallup was terrific. Thanks Jerry for your professionalism and expertise.

  24. Subaru says:

    We love our new Forester very muchHeather was very patient and friendly with the Best Buy experience and stress-free but definitely would refer her again

  25. styrum says:

    Great experience buying our new Outback! We worked with Rick Whyte and he was awesome and extremely professional making it indeed stress free. Rick explained everything about the car, answered all the questions and was a pleasure to communicate with in general.

  26. Great service by Jason and the rest of their team.

  27. John Serl says:

    I already knew the exact Subaru that I wanted, a base manual Forester in Black. I contacted several dealerships to get price quotes and Puyallup Subaru was the only dealer to send me an actual quote. My Forester had to be special ordered, so the only painful part was the wait. Once my car arrived, Jerry Harris gave me a call. I told him when I would be in to pick it up and the car was waiting for me when I arrived. The licensing and financing paperwork took the usual amount of time, but I was fairly quickly on my way. I got the car I wanted for a good price with minimal fuss. A overall positive experience.

  28. I’ve always hated car shopping. What is supposed to be a fun experience is usually checkered with piranha salesmen, intimidation, and false claims. My blood pressure raises just thinking about it. We have purchased several cars over a few years, and the experience has more or less been the same every time, so I expected nothing different from Subaru of Puyallup.

    We called ahead, told Brian Fuller we wanted to view a Mazda CX9, and drove the 2 hours from Portland/Vancouver. We pulled in, and a friendly face called out our names from across the parking lot – a smiling quirky guy appeared, Brian! Brian welcomed us, and shortly after learning my husband is an automotive engineer and clearly VERY researched in this car, Brian said that we probably knew more of the ins and outs of this car than he did. HOW REFRESHING. We always try to explain my husband’s expertise so the car salesman isn’t exhaustively attempting to list the car features (which, they are often mistaken on), but no one ever listens to us. Brian did. We really respected that. We went on a casual test drive with absolutely no banter from Brian about how this car was going to sell quickly… how we needed to jump on this great deal… no – he didn’t bother with that BS.

    As if that all didn’t go swimmingly, the negotiating was painless. We trusted Brian, and he respected my husband’s research and knowledge of the vehicle and its worth. This whole “no stress” motto really is true. I appreciate that S.O.P. doesn’t bother with the runaround of pricing cars above blue book, and then negotiating down so the customer feels like he/she got a great deal when in reality, he/she just “scored” a car for its base worth.

    The financing department (Wade, I believe was his name?) was just as fabulous. We kept these two gentleman there late as we had driven from Portland late, and they didn’t give us an ounce of attitude or rushing – in fact, we tried to get them to eat dinner with us there we liked them so much. I still can’t believe it went this well.

    As someone who usually wants to run away when the car salesmen come at us, I wanted to eat dinner and hang out with these guys at S.O.P. What nice people to be around and work with.

  29. Jimmy C says:

    Thanks to Kimberlee for helping me to purchase my dream car! I’ve wanted a Subaru Outback since I was a kid. Kimberlee was knowledgeable and patient as she guided me through the purchase process at my own pace. Thanks again!

  30. After shopping the local Portland area for a new Outback 3.6R and not finding the deal we wanted we started calling dealers in a wider geographic range. My wife Kathy got in touch with Dave Warmack at the Puyallup dealership and over the phone worked out a fantastic deal for exactly what we wanted both in the vehicle and in the financing, They were super friendly and had the vehicle ready and waiting for us on Easter weekend when we were able to make the pickup.

    We will definitely be calling Dave again when it comes time to replace our other vehicle. I highly recommend both Dave and Subaru Puyallup to anyone looking for a Subaru!

    Bryan and Kathy

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