Andrew Wheeler was the man who took care …

Dealership Review by Zach Miller.

Andrew Wheeler was the man who took care of me. He was on everything and made buying a car so simple. I appreciate and thankful to have had a opportunity to get a car through him. You guys rock thanks for everything.

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Andrew Wheeler was the man who took care …0Dealership Review by Zach Miller.Andrew Wheeler was the man who took care of me. He was on everything and made buying a car so simple. I appreciate an…

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  1. I was incredibly pleased with my experience here. The car is great and Jerry was very helpful in making sure that it was the car for me. Wade was also great in helping me understand all the finance paperwork. I felt like all my questions and concerns were seriously addressed which has not been my experience with some other sales people. Would recommend that anyone looking for a vehicle check here first.

  2. Had a great experience here. Andrew wheeler was very helpful and friendly. Going home happy with a new car!

  3. Ian says:

    Today my wife and I bought our first car from Andrew Wheeler. We were nervous when we first got there and he walked up to us immediately and talked to us about what we were looking for. Andrew was really genuine and far from pushy which allowed us to get comfortable and we really enjoyed the experience. We took the Subaru Forester on a test drive and loved it and are taking it home! Very enjoyable experience and would recommend all my friends to use Subaru of puyallup!

  4. We had a very good experience. Helmut and Dima exceeded my expectations. I found exactly what i was looking for, and am very satisfied. they were both professional and knowledgeable.

  5. I have purchased 8 new and a number of used vehicles in my lifetime. My experience with George Mayfield, with an assist from Mark Clark, was far and away the enjoyable negotiation I have ever experienced at an auto dealership. The questions I asked ( and there were many ) were answered in a forthright manner, and there was never an effort to upgrade or add items we didn’t want.George was patient and explained everything. I asked many questions about the product, financing, various charges and always received a satisfactory answer. If there was something I didn’t like it was changed ( with-in reason) There was no avoidance or typical ” cover-up” answers.Although the bottom line was a business negotiation, working with George was so enjoyable it was like working with a friend who shares a common goal. I highly recommend George Mayfield as he is absolutely the most forthright and pleasant salesman I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. The best part is a fair and reasonable price.

  6. Several months ago I was in the process of purchasing a New Crosstrek. George M. took the time to show me all the new specs, was very knowledgable with the car, and was very friendly. Financially i wasn’t prepared and George was very hopeful that i will be driving a Crosstrek soon! Several months later, George was very welcoming and pointed me towards Dima. Dima has been an awesome salesman! He made this process so easy and Stress Free. Thank You Subaru of Puyallup!!

  7. I purchased a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek. We received excellent customer support throughout the process. Primarily from Dima, who gave us an extended test drive allowing us to test steep inclines and stretch that required (allowed) rapid acceleration. This helped us in being more comfortable with the purchase of a used car. He also knew the answers to all our questions on performance, financing and warranties. We also had excellent help/interactions with Kym Ruff, Le’Shung and Alisa who greeted us when we arrived and got us into the car that we ended up buying. Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !

  8. The car buying experience at Subaru of Puyallup is excellent. The first time we visited we were not ready to purchase a new car and we let Jerry Harris know that right from the start. Most dealerships have salesmen that are a lot less helpful when you tell them this, but not Jerry. He took his time and showed us every car we wanted to look at and helped us narrow down our choices. We let him know we’d be back when we were ready to buy. Sure enough we came back and Jerry was ready to help us find our new car. We test drove the 2017 Subaru Forester and fell in love with it. We had a loan from a different bank and the dealership was able to beat it by at least two points, that is what sealed the deal for us and we made our purchase. We are very pleased with our experience at this dealership and will return when we need to buy another car. The customer service is excellent here and so are the staff, thanks for providing a truly stress-free car buying experience.

  9. I found the Car of my dreams on KellyBlue Book and contacted Subaru of Puyallup. Judi contacted me right away and gave me detailed information about the car. When i arrived to the Dealership i was surprised how beautiful the place looked and how friendly people were here. I meet my salesman Dima who was very polite and knowledgable professional. He even spoke my native language and was very easy and pleasant in communication. Judi and Dima made me a great deal for the car i was buying. Thank You

  10. Katie D says:

    I recently purchased a new vehicle from this dealership, and had the best buying experience of my life! This is truly a no-pressure environment, and I know I got the best deal possible! When you go, because you really should go here for your next car purchase, be sure to ask for Jerry. He was a fantastic salesman, very patient with all my questions and took me on a test drive in three different vehicles to ensure that I chose the right vehicle for me. All the staff here is amazing, from Jerry in sales to Wade in financing who was tremendously helpful to me during the financing part of the process, you’re going to find a great team here waiting for you! Could not be happier!

  11. R & M says:

    We just bought a new car from Dave at Puyallup Subaru. What a marvelous experience with a wonderful man. He was helpful and friendly and made us feel so comfortable in a situation we thought would be stressful. LOVE the car! Enjoyed the experience!

  12. Regarding, Dima, Carl and Kym. I had an experience dealing with all 3 of them. A true one of a kind experience. I great appreciate their patience and ability to work with the customer to the fullest extent. I will definitely buy the next car from this dealership. Hands down the best customer service i have received at a dealership. 6 Stars !!!

  13. Sunny D says:

    I purchased a Nissan Pathfinder 2015 . I received excellent customer support throughout the process. I was incredibly pleased with my experience here. love my Car and Justin was very helpful and on top in making sure that my experience here was Above and Beyonf. Financial paperwork was quick and efficient. I highly recommend Justin as he is Absolutely the most helpful,forthright,honest,pleasant salesman I’ve ever met. Thank you everyone at Subaru of Puyallup!!! You guys ROCk!!! Thank you JUSTIN your are Amazing!!!!!!