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Welcome to Subaru of Puyallup Reviews. Subaru of Puyallup is located at 720 River Road, Puyallup, WA 98371. Subaru of Puyallup is dedicated to making sure your experience shopping is second to none. We strive every day to exceed the expectation of every customer who walks through our doors and we’re here for you when you need us. Below are real reviews by real people who wanted to share their experience with Subaru of Puyallup. We value all of our customers, you ARE the reason we are here! We value your feedback, please feel free to leave a review.


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Subaru of Puyallup Reviews0admin2011-12-09 20:26:31Welcome to Subaru of Puyallup Reviews. Subaru of Puyallup is located at 720 River Road, Puyallup, WA 98371. Subaru of Puyallup is dedicated to making …


  1. We were very pleased with our experience at Subaru of Puyallup. Dave Warmack was great. We didn’t feel pressured to make an immediate decision, and when we told him we were shopping other dealers, he encouraged us to do just that. Dave was very professional, friendly and helpful, and told us to contact him with any questions or issues learning about our new car. The online sales department was also helpful when we made our first inquiry. We would recommend Subaru of Puyallup.

    • Hi Lynn and Mike,

      Thank you for the wonderful review! We are so happy to hear about your experience with Dave and our dealership. We hope you are enjoying your new vehicle, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

  2. It was great Kym talked me through the whole process. Made sure I knew all about my new car. Helped make sure the payments were within my budget.

    • Hi Colleen,

      Thank you for the great review! We are so glad to hear about your experience with Kym, we are very lucky to have her. We hope you are enjoying your new vehicle, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

  3. Lael Stock says:

    Over the past several months I have been shopping for a 2016 Subaru Outback. I visited two dealerships where I felt pressured and had sales reps. recommending options that I did not want. While visiting my granddaughter in Puyallup, I stopped by Subaru of Puyallup. Kirk Schroll approached me. I told Kirk what I wanted, what options, colors etc. Kirk listened to me and showed me several vehicles. I brought a 2016 Outback Subaru that day. Kirk took the time to show my husband around the vehicle and the engine. Kirk was very knowledgeable and I never felt pressured. I would recommend Kirk to anyone interested in a Subaru. Go Kirk!(He is very techno savvy)

  4. We just bought our first Subaru and Mac Canfield was a huge help with the shopping and buying experience from start to finish! He was professional,friendly, and answered all of our questions. We’re happy with our purchase and look forward to many miles and years with the Forester. We would recommend Subaru of Puyallup.

  5. Emily crantz says:

    I had a wonderful first time brand-new car shopping experience at Puyallup Subaru. Thanks to Dave Warmack. He answered every question I could have imagined. He also was very through, and knowledgeable of the Subaru Cross Trek. I’m thrilled with my purchase, and will be telling everyone to see Dave at Puyallup Subaru for their car buying needs.

  6. Heidi Sommer says:

    I loved my experience at Subaru of Puyallup- I purchased my 2016 Outback from Dave Warmack and he was very professional and just all around the best salesperson I have ever dealt with. My whole experience was amazing and I would rate my experience a “10” +++ and I would highly recommend my friends and family if they were in the market for a new car to go see Dave. Also Matt was awesome in finance.

  7. Maritza Pack says:

    I am riding around on a Quartz Blue Pearl Cloud! I love my new Subaru Impreza! Heather Davis I wanted to personally thank you for taking such great care of us and helping my husband and I find the perfect car. I can honestly say I have NO buyer’s remorse. After driving around in my 15 year old car I did not want to make a hasty decision or invest in something that was not a good fit for us.

    I sort of had an idea of what I kind of vehicle I wanted but didn’t have a lot of information. Heather gave me a ton of information of what Subaru has to offer and what options were available. She really knows her stuff. What I didn’t want was to be pressured into buying a car. It was surprising I didn’t get any annoying phone calls or emails.

    More than a week went by and we made our decision. We were able to schedule an appointment with Heather and the same day rode home in our new Impreza in my favorite color with all the upgrades and special features I was looking for. The only drawback was I had to bring it back to install the enhanced security system and I had to leave my baby there all day long. All kidding aside, again we were well taken care of with a great loaner car and quick easy in and out service. I am going to love working with Subaru for all my servicing and future purchases.

    Thank you Heather, Wade, Andrew (in service) and all the folk at Subaru for the professional service. See ya around Puyallup! I’ll be the one in the sporty blue Impreza :)

  8. Dave Warmack and Subaru of Puyallup made buying my new Subaru Forester a very pleasant experience. I first went in to just look (not drive) the Forester and Outback. About a week or so later I test drove both vehicles and decided on the Forester. While Dave did have to go find where there was a Forester in the color I wanted (Jasmine Green is really lovely), I didn’t get the old routine of the sales person leaving me hanging at their desk while they made multiple trips to “check something”. When I picked up my new car Dave spent all the time I wanted going over the new features. They did a great job for me.

  9. Kimberlee Cade was great to work with. Very stress free and professional.

  10. My experience was great fast and easy Justin people’s is awsome and straight to the point he helped me with my trade and the selling price of the car he also took as much time as needed to explain the car features and the entire process subaru puyallup is awesome I will definitely refer Justin to other friends

  11. Subaru of puyallup is awesome Justin people’s was honest fair and super thorough he helped me through the whole process with my trade and the sale price he took the time to explaim all the features he is super knowledgeable on the cars he his a great asset to the company I will surely refer Justin to my friends

  12. Lee Garcia says:

    Subaru of Puyallup really does make the car buying experience stress free. The team did an amazing job! I love my car. Everyone is very friendly and above and beyond helpful but Dave Warmack is the best. His expertise and customer service will make you want to buy your car from their location. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

  13. Steve says:

    “Thank you!!!!!!!!”

    First of all I want to say I love my new forester and I wanted to thank Heather Davis for the great help for making it possible for us to get into our new car.

  14. We were very pleased with our experience at Subaru of Puyallup. Kimberlee Cade was great, and went above and beyond for us in many little ways. She was very professional, friendly and helpful, answering all of our questions and found the right car for us. She even went the extra mile to help us with our trade-in. And, when we found out we had left some personal things in our old vehicle, she hunted them down and made sure we received them. We have already recommended Subaru of Puyallup. We felt we received good service and a fair price for our new Outback. Tyler and Barbara Beck

  15. I recently purchased my first new car here and I have to say the experience was wonderful. Comparatively to the other dealerships I visited, Subaru of Puyallup truly is a stress free experience. My sales rep Kimberlee Cade was amazing and worked with me to get the car that I wanted. She got me great value for my trade in and an unheard of interest rate for a first time buyer. I’m enjoying my new car to the fullest right now, and will definitely be back in the future when it’s time for another purchase. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  16. VPS server says:

    Bought a subaru Crosstrek from subaru of Puyallup. Salesman was great, didn t pressure me with anything. Stress free

  17. Gena Colon says:

    Our Car buying experience was one of the best I have ever had. There was no pressure from the moment we walked in for a test drive to the moment of purchase about a month later. We chose the exact car we wanted and made an appointment to come in an buy it. We knew that we would be pressed for time that day so our rep Heather had it set aside for us detailed and ready so that we would not have to wait after our paperwork went through to take it and go. We would recommend Subaru of Puyallup to anyone.
    Thank you.

  18. Doug Walker says:

    i had a great stress free buying experience working with Kym Ruff.. She located a manual transmission forester for me within a hour or so.. i was impressed considering how hard they are to find..Would recommend her to any of my friends looking for a subaru. On a scale of 10 i would give her a 10

  19. don hoesel says:

    I bought a 2016 Outback today and delt with Kimberlee Mcpherson.

    No stress, no fuss. She was very knowledgable and businesslike. She was friendly and pleasant to work with. The best care buying experience i have ever had. I would grade her an A+.

  20. Matt Bridge says:

    Subaru of Puyallup’s slogan of “Stress Free” is not just lip service– my wife and I just purchased a beautiful Carbide Gray 2016 Outback Limited with Eyesight (a MUST HAVE option) from this fine dealership this past Sunday. An effort to keep things stress free was evident with each employee we had dealings with that day. I had met our salesperson, Kimberlee Cade, a few weeks prior to our day of purchase, and she was extremely friendly and attentive to our needs. Upon informing her of our first choice of color and trim level, I was pleasantly surprised to have her contact me a week later to let me know that an Outback of our exact preference had just showed up at the dealership. Obviously, we acted fast to make sure it would be coming home with us, and we appreciated Kimberlee’s pro-activeness to help make sure that happened.

    On the day of purchase, Kimberlee met up with us first thing in the morning, took us on a final test-drive, and went over all the key features of the Outback. The entire time, she was very friendly, laid-back, and easy to talk to. Kimberlee was never pushy, shady, or behaved in any negative fashion that you seem to see so often from salespeople elsewhere. In fact, it was almost like hanging out with a friend– very casual with no pressure.

    When it came time to talk money, we dealt with Wade Finley, who I have to say was the most amazing finance manager I’ve ever done business with. He, like Kimberlee, was extremely friendly and personable, down to earth, and explained everything plainly, in an easy-to-understand manner. The financing Wade was able to get us totally defied our expectations, and we truly believe he worked extremely hard to get the deal he did for us. Wade was the exact opposite of the negative stereotypes typically attached to the “scary finance manager”.

    Another testament to the “stress free” environment the team cultivates at Subaru of Puyallup:
    throughout the course of our time there as we went through the purchasing process, several employees, who had nothing to do with our purchase, stopped and said “hi”, asked us how we were doing, and another even congratulated us on our purchase when the deal was finalized. One salesperson (I believe it was Jerry Harris), had just returned from the store with ice cream sandwiches, presumably for the employee break room, but nonetheless, stopped at our desk to offer one each to my wife and I.These are all little things that add up to paint a very positive picture of the team at Subaru of Puyallup.

    After everything was wrapped up, Kimberlee walked us out to our new Outback, went over a few more last-minute things, and warmly congratulated us and wished us well. My wife and I couldn’t have been more impressed with Kimberlee, Wade, and the whole team that day. I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with the team when we take our Outback in for servicing / parts / maintenance, etc.

    We will definitely be referring anybody we know who is looking to buy an automobile to Subaru of Puyallup without reservation.

    Thanks again, Subaru of Puyallup, for a truly “Stress Free” experience!

  21. I just wanted to say THANKS to the entire Subaru of Puyallup team for making my buying experience a stress free one .I love my new 2016 legacy it like a rocketship the closest thing to a flying car yet! My salesman Kirk schroll is THE MAN !!!

  22. Jean Swanson says:

    I had a very successful and stress free experience with my sales rep Heather Davis. She worked very hard to get me my Subaru Forester, and I love it. She knew, explained and let me try all the features that were new to me, and she welcomed a return visit for more help. Heather is a warm, positive caring person who made me feel comfortable and secure in my decisions. Thanks Heather. You’re the best. I’d also like to thank Wade for making my financial part easy and stress free.

  23. My salesman was Rick Whyte. I asked to test drive 2 Outbacks/3.6 & 2.5. They were both beautiful cars, but the Forester suited my needs better. Rick was very knowledgeable & allowed as much time as needed for the test drives & my questions. After completing the paperwork Rick spent over an hour with me going over the manuals & showing me around the service department. He offered to assit me in getting my new car & the one I drove to the lot home(I didn’t want to trade it in). I had already made arrangements to get them both home, but did appreciate the offer. There are other qualities I could expand upon, but you get the idea. This was the best car buying experience I’ve had & I’m 64. Thank you Harnish Subaru for hiring a first rate employee.

  24. John Kilgus says:

    We traded our 2014 Forester for a 2016 Forester. This was a bit ahead of schedule, but we liked Eyesight Driver-Assist System and the Multimedia Navigation System. This is the fourth Subaru we have purchased from Puyallup Subaru, and salesman Brian Fuller, over the past several years. Brian is patient and well versed in his Subaru knowledge and has a great sense of humor. We trust his input. The service department has also been great to work with.

  25. Angie Dean says:

    I went to Subaru of Puyallup to purchase my second car through them good customer service great quality cars I am very happy with them.

  26. Elsa Gates says:

    Thank you Subaru of Puyallup and thank you Dave for you great knowledge and your low pressure service. My husband and I are very happy with our 2014 Forester, and have been sharing our experience of how kind and knowledgeable Dave was in assisting us with everything. We have encouraged my husbands parents to buy from Subaru of Puyallup too!

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